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Product Specifications DVP02DA-E2
  • Excellent Motion Control
  • High-speed pulse output: 4 sets of 200kHz pulse output (DVP40/48/64/80EH00T3)
  • Supports max. 4 hardware 200kHz high-speed counters
  • Increases many motion control instructions to meet the applications that require high-speed and high-precision
  • positioning control such as labeling machines, packaging machines and printing machines
  • Offers linear / arc interpolation motion control
  • Provides up to 16 external interrupt pointers
  • Complete Program Protection
  • Auto backup function to prevent losing programs and data even when the battery runs out
  • Second copy function provides a backup for extra insurance in the event that one set of programs and data are damaged
  • Up to 4-level password protection protects your source programs and intellectual property
  • Outstanding Operation Performance
  • CPU + ASIC dual processors support floating point operations.
  • The max. execution speed of basic instructions is able to reach 0.24μs.
  • Flexible Function Extension Modules & Cards
  • The multiple selections of extension modules and function cards provide analog I/O, temperature measurement, additional single-axis motion control, high-speed counting, 3rd serial communication port and Ethernet communication card are available.
  • PLC-Link
  • C-Link allows the user to link up a max. 32 units to the network without having to install extra communication extension modules.
  • Brand-New High-Speed Extension Modules
  • The brand-new extension modules greatly shorten the data transmission time among the PLC and its extension modules as well as enhance the efficiency of the PLC program.
Part Description:The new generation DVP-ES2 PLC is the high-end model of the Delta DVP-E series.

Power supply voltage: 24VDC (20.4VDC ~ 28.8VDC) (-15% ~ +20%) Max. rated power consumption: 02DA: 1.5W, 04DA: 3W, supply by external power source. Connector: European standard removable terminal block (Pin pitch: 5mm) Protection: Voltage output is protected by short circuit. Short circuit lasting for too long may cause damage on internal circuits. Current output can be open circuit. Operation/storage: Operation:Operation: 0°C~55°C (temperature), 5~95% (humidity), Pollution degree2

Storage: -25°C~70°C (temperature), 5~95% (humidity)

Vibration/shock immunity: International standards: IEC61131-2, IEC 68-2-6 (TEST Fc)/ IEC61131-2 & IEC 68-2-27 (TEST Ea) Series connection to DVP-PLC MPU: The modules are numbered from 0 to 7 automatically by their distance from MPU. Max. 8 modules are allowed to connect to MPU and will not occupy any digital I/O points.

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