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Riferimento: VFD1850F43A

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Delta VFD1850F43A

Variable Torque AC Drive. Specifically designed for medium and high horsepower fan and pump applications. The F series offers an adjustable V/F curve and automatic voltage regulation. It also offers the capability of connecting and running consecutively four motors. A set of motors consisting of 1 variable-speed motor and 3 constant-speed motors is allowable.

Delta VFD1850F43A – Fan and Pump Purpose Drives

Delta Products
AC Drives, VFD-F Series

ITEM # VFD1850F43A
MFG # VFD1850F43A
Series VFD-F

Drive, AC, 250Hp Three Phase 460V Input

Item Number: VFD1850F43A
Manufacturer: Delta Products
Item Category: Drives
Subcategory: AC
Series: VFD-F
Nominal Input VAC: 480 Volts AC
Input Range VAC: 380 to 480 Volts AC
HP (VT): 250 Horsepower
Amps (VT): 370 Amps
Input Phase: 3
Operator Controls: Keypad Included
Max. Frequency: 120 Hertz
Braking Type: DC Injection;Dynamic Braking
Motor Control-Max Level: V/Hz (Scalar)
Closed Loop: No
AC Line Regenerative?: No
Dynamic Braking Trans?: Optional (External)
Enclosure Rating: IP20


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